Sunday, June 27, 2004

Jennuh, he's not a smarrt mayn Jennuh...

everyone say hello to spunky, the disco computer, so called because of the pretty pink and blue led's on the case fan, and funky, the retro beastah of old skool goodness, my 686... or that will be there new identities once they are networked full of networky packetty trafficcy goodness :)

celeron can f*** off and die...

that is all

back to what you were doing

move along space kiddettes

wiigiiciao! :-)



Thursday, June 24, 2004

Distasteful job # 409

Scraping up the suicide worms.

I'd like to call them kamikaze worms, but, tho they are full of wriggly slimey divinity, i can't see where the wind part fits in... unless it's the draughty bit under the door where i presume they are getting in.

You see, when it rains, the worms seek higher ground, strangely, within the Supermodel Apartments (beautiful but useless) where i live. And, being supermodel apartments, the tiles in the wet areas are quite aesthetically pleasing, but bizarrely absorbant... i guess it's some kind of anti-slip mentality which has them unglazed... who knows... all i know is they are really difficult to clean, and any intrepid worm that chooses to venture across them dessicates less than a metre into their journey. Dessicating so much, that they become almost impossible to chip off of the tiles.

as i said before,

extremely distasteful.





Tuesday, June 22, 2004

discovery of the week:

rice flour is hella flammable :)

I spilled some onto a rather toasty electric hotplate and it combusted instantly :)
mmm flamey ricey goodness.... i rather enjoyed that w000tness :)

have had a busy busy few days, re orgamanising to go back to schooliesland... so been in town quite a bit, trying to get some part time work in, and still orgamanising stuff for the supermodel apartments....

hrmm wot else... oh a fabo breaky for susan's bday at Henley square on the weekend, also attended by the fabulous Jenny :) -> sorry for lack of linkage.. i'm truly a slacko bloggrrrllie :)

saturday evening didn't quite pan out the way that it had been planned - nought to do with me, but my hormones and the copious amounts of coffee consumed that day exacerbated my usual single mindedness... and i was not very flexible lets say.... and i missed shrek 2 but there's always another session eh folks?

hmmm sunday was delightfulicious... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

no further comment there :)

i know i had more to say but can't think of a thing right now... quick -> use the blonde excuse!!! *giggle* hehehe i forget *giggle* hehehehe i'm a blonde... *giggle*

works every time.. heh :-P

stoopidliciousciao xxxx caff



Friday, June 18, 2004

isn't life interesting?

had an interesting bit of self evaluation recently, was almost tempted to give up the ecky thump for a bit.

I remember the pull in my heart when i first heard of the art, a pull that got deeper and deeper and more and more mesmeric the more i learned about it, then when i finally found a dojo and went and watched... that was it, i was spellbound.
I had known for two or more years previous that i had wanted an apprenticeship that would feel sacred to me, i had thought it would be with bev in herbalism, or druidry, turns out she is also a celtic long and short sword master, so i guess the pull was there too...
I remember getting to know my fellow ecky-thumpers, my club brethren, and talking of the addiction to the dojo, i just don't feel right if i don't go.
I was told wisely, as always, the information i receive there is wise, that people come and go for all sorts of reasons, it was unreasonable for me to think that i would neccesarily be there forever...
And so, there i was, considering, for very good reasons, not going back to training.
There was all the, "how can i justify the money?", "i'm no good", "i'll never get any better", " i have too many injuries", "i'm being selfish", "the expenses will just keep escalating".. etc etc.. and of course my situation is a little different now than it was when i first started, back in the day :-)
So much has happened, changed, moved, drifted and improved, all of it chronicled here, well all except the last noice bit, which some of you know about anyway, since i began ecky thump.
I visited susannah yesterday, see astrology profiles linkie ->, i too slack to linkie properly, and we pulled up some of my transits... well she did, ;-), and we looked at the delicious (not) pluto, neptune and saturn transits... (we'll leave uranus alone for now), and fortunately, i had decided to return to the dojo the previous evening, so i was in no doubt as to the magical powers of ecky thump in healing my life, I asked if a suitable way to deal with the energies present was with martial arts, and the response was "perfect" or words to that effect :-)

how close i came to reconsidering!!! I can barely believe it myself... as was told to me, never say never cat, learn to walk first cat....

here i am

sometimes crawling
but mostly
one baby step at a time




Wednesday, June 09, 2004


our steps stir eddies of yesterdays leaves,
stirring sweet soft singing rhythm,
my heart beats your name,
I thrill to each current.
And filled are deep chasms,
ancient wounds smooth and relax,
Upon your shoulder a butterfly lands,
as the cold wind of despair departs.
And I yearn for lands as lush as your voice,
I shall sail there in the calm waters of your gaze,
alighting tenderly,
beyond that edge of regret,
soft sands to whisper soothing lullabyes so full of love,
my soul is cradled,
nestled in each delicious note,
pouring strength into every cell
the path is worn, each step is new,
streams flow together and become oceans
indestinguishable from what they once were...



like sands thru the hourglass, so are the cells of my brain...

not doing a lot atm... lots of thinking and feeling,
through all the colours of the spectrum.

a little edumacation as to the wonders of Buffy & Angel via dvd hiring....
that's me doing the edumacating of another, I've been a fan for a long long time :) (just getting in before the jeers!! :P :) )

managed to get the mower happening yestermaday, way cool -> tho a struggle to have to manually secure the cable at choke and run possies, and then unscrew clamp to cut the throttle.... not so bad when finished, but really challenges my lazy streak when turning it off to walk it between front and back lawns without shaving those obstacles that must be crossed to achieve my objective ;)

also re-orgamanised my back yard - finally! been here a week shy of 3 months and finally put my pushbike and wheelbarrow etc way way back out of sight and out of the driving rain (falling rain misses it, only rain that is supremely driven can get to it... oh god shut up cat)

kinda looks nice out there now... shall we have tea on the terrace sometime kids? when the weather is fine? the last few days would have been perfect... if i hadn't been curled up in front of a dvd player or pushing a mower etc etc etc.... :-D

soon my pretties, soon :-D


happywiigiiciao :)



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