Tuesday, April 03, 2007

For the person searching my blog for treatment of Fibromyalgia using Guiafenesin...

Please please please see a practitioner who treats hypothyroidism by symptoms, not blood tests, as there is a 95% likelihood you have hypothyroidism and adrenal insufficiency, like me.

These symptoms come on often after a head or neck injury, a bout of glandular fever or emotional or physical trauma. All these things can easily imbalance the hypothalmus / pituitary / adrenal axis (HPA axis)

You will find that the symptoms of fibromyalgia , CFIDS, MPS, MCS and hypothyroidism are the same. Hypothyroidism and PCOS also go hand in hand.

The current epidemic of obesity and fibromyalgia and CFS occurs in countries with a fluoridated water supply, fluoride inhibits thyroid action, as does chlorine.
This epidemic became apparent when TSH testing became standard for thyroid function, and treatment became standardised to T4 synthetic only medication, replacing the effective symptomatic diagnosis and dessicated thyroid treatment used for 100 years previously.
TSH is a next to useless diagnostic, with the range of 0.5 - 5 being way out of whack.
Anything over 1 is suspicious for hypothyroidm, DESPITE what your doc might say. Free T3 and Free T4 are a better measure, but not neccessarily correlateable with symptoms, which rely on individual sensitivity and cellular availability of blood levels of free thyroid hormone. Blood tests cannot show this, but your symptoms can.

Take your temperature, first thing in the morning, before moving or even sitting up.
Do this for three days in a row, if it is consistently low, you have a low basal metabolic rate, extremely likely hypothyroid.

Use the links on the right of my blog to find out more like I did, and begin to reclaim your life.
Ask anything you want.


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Ross Noble was fantastic!! Truly remarkable genius nutter of Geordie persuasion.

We were taken on a truly bizarre journey, much ado about Adelaide's proud history as the bizarre murder capital of the world. Really, that would look so much better on a number plate than "The Festival State"

I really can't describe it, not like me to be lost for words, but I am, it's like trying to describe a drunken conversation in a loud pub that rambled on for hours over many eclectic topics with points that seemed salient in context but defy retrieval after the fact.

A couple of points or three:

What was the before show and interval music? twas fabo with punk ska surf guitar and jpop overtones - we loved it :)

The microphone sound effects needed a little less volume, the soft sound effects Ross performed were great, so I don't think it's technique, but any sharp sounds just came out as rifle shots, and lost the effect of the joke, as the audience were constantly reeling from audio attack.

If I never hear again of the blushing bum faced boy being bummed in the face by a blushing bum'd babboon.. it will be too frigging soon! :-D nuff said!

next topic.

I'm doing quite well on the health return journey, slowly and rockily but surely.
A note:

No, I'm not well enough to socialise, go out much or entertain at home. This is not a snobbiness on my part. I go to the odd fringe show because they are of short discrete duration, the total length of time that I can sit for, and I can rack off home directly afterwards, without being requested to "just stay a bit longer".
I pay dearly afterwards, but it's worth it for me.

To the person who interrogates me on the phone: I don't know when I'll be better, "they" (meaning doctors) don't know either and they've been of bloody little use to me, why do you think they have all the answers?? And no, I don't want to do x, y, or z, because I am not able to, just leave it alone.

I am surprised to find, that in my very much reduced condition, people expect me to show up and socialise, drive myself around etc., be fun to be around?,
when what would have really been useful to me oh dear friends, in my time of greatest need, was dropping off a casserole, offering to mow my lawn or do a load of washing for me, just once. A year has passed without a single offer like this.

That is what I get for not being selfish enough, always accomodating others needs, and trying to be "nice" and "up" to be around, the good news is, I no longer give a shit what anybody else thinks or does. There's nothing like staring death in the face to give one perspective!!



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